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Platform Magazine

"Most of the things I talk about are not funny or polite conversation off stage. I make them funny. That’s the art. That’s the message that I am trying to achieve with this movie."

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The Christian Science Monitor - Manjeet Sarkar.png

Christian Science Monitor

“In most cities, the audiences are privileged and upper caste. … When they laugh at my jokes, they are in a dilemma whether they should laugh or feel guilty,” Mr. Sarkar says.

The Guardian

“I didn’t venture into comedy thinking I would bring revolution,” says Sarkar. “I am just telling my story.”

The Guardian
ThePrint Feature.png

The Print

"Sarkar’s matter-of-fact delivery style works like a spell. And his brilliance at combining his social commentary with common facts forces his audience to not merely consume his ‘jokes’ but also think about them."

Deadant Comedy

"Sarkar uses humour to hold up a mirror to our caste-ridden society, nudging the Indian scene’s predominantly savarna, upper-class patrons to interrogate their own biases, both social and comedic."

Manjeet Sarkar Stand Up Comedian
South First

South First

"That’s when I realised that my story is different. Eighty percent of India lived like me, but the people who consume stand-up comedy don’t know what I’m talking about. I have a unique story to tell."

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