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“I'm not a clown. I can't compete with Tiktok. Tiktok is much funnier than me. Art must contain something political, and politics is not always fun, he tells A-magasinet.”


"Manjeet spares no-one in his comedy and in this film, you can see why. His has not been an easy life, but he has taken that life by the scruff of the neck and shaken it up and around."

Platform Magazine

"Most of the things I talk about are not funny or polite conversation off stage. I make them funny. That’s the art. That’s the message that I am trying to achieve with this movie."

Indulge Express

“My genre of comedy is anecdotal. I do this by telling my own story since I don’t have any other stories to tell. The media tries to find a sensational or activist angle to this, but I’m really just telling my own story and making it funny. “

Feminism India

"On his “Untouchable” tour, he delivers an insightful account of his life and urges the audience to acknowledge their privilege. If a joke is too popular, Sarkar says, he would change it."

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